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Mad comedy makes Fawlty Towers look peaceful

FIND THE LADY combines a comic chase to find a lady with parallel races to find which of the cast are lying and which are mad.findthelady

At times the Delamere Private Hotel, allegedly in South Kensington, makes Fawlty Towers look a haven of peace as The Falcon Players extract all the humour from Michael Pertwee's script during their production at Stanford Hall Theatre, Loughborough.

Proprietor Rosie Lake, boisterously played by Janet Holmes, would give Basil Fawlty a long run for his money, and while there is no Manuel to spice up proceedings, the Delamare does not need further maniacs in the staff - there are plenty among the residents.

There is supposed to be a murderer amongst them but one doubts whether any would be considered mentally fit to stand trial should they so transgress.

By the end the actors seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage and the apparent ease with which the production ran suggests producer Stuart Bailey and his team had done their work well.

Jonathan Wheeler
Leicester Mercury