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'Candied Peel' Goes Down Very Well

"CANDIED PEEL" is the one weakness to which business tycoon, James Ondersley, is addicted.

And when he realises that one of eight people - who, for reasons of their own, would all like to see him dead - has tried to poison him through these delicacies he plans a dinner party to which each is invited.

The drama by Falkland L Cary is presented by Falcon Players. Loughborough's oldest amateur theatrical group, as their ninth production at the Stanford Hall Theatre last night.

Outstanding in her small, but amusing part is Betty Deacon as Miss Pethington, the village chatterbox and scatterbrain.

Brightens the Play

The part of Mr. Ondersley is portrayed convincingly by Roy Emmett, while Stuart Dickens as the brilliant young scientist, Oswald Monk, brightens the production with his dynamic personality.

Described by Monk as "something between Cleopatra and an angry Mule." Mrs. Cortonhart (Janet Bowles) carries her part well.

The play goes on tonight and proceeds from the three performances will go to the St. John Ambulance organisation - J.O.