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'Trial And Error' A Winner

FALCON PLAYERS pulled a winner out of the bag last night with their production of "Trial and Error" by Kenneth Horne at Stanford Hall.

This was due largely to a sparkling performance by Janet Bowles who extracted every ounce of comedy from an unlikely situation as Andrea whose first husband whom she has assumed is dead turns up to wreck her honeymoon with her second spouse.

Her rubber faced antics bring an awful reality to the farce and would have done credit to a much more experienced company.

Unfortunately the male members of the the cast appeared wooden and rather insipid by comparison although they were not entirely blameless for this.

Cracking Pace

Alan Chapman just failed to be convincing as Dudley the caddish first husband and though Roy Emmett's highly respectable Claude - the second husband - came across well he never really relaxed.

It would be churlish to suggest that this spoiled the play but when one member of a cast sets a cracking pace it does place a burden on the others to adjust themselves as best they can to such a high standard. And to give Falcon Players credit they all did their level best.

The company as a whole makes a very talented comedy team which deserved a much bigger audience than the one which attended the first night and enjoyed every minute of a very entertaining performance. - P.R.