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NOISES OFF by Michael Frayn

Tuesday 3rd October - Saturday 7th October 2006

Cope Auditorium, Loughborough


If you are going to support the Falcon Players in their 50th anniversary production, Noises Off, at the Cope Auditorium over the next few days, it will possibly be the highlight of your weekend.

The production team of Norman Hockley, Lawarence Holmes and Kathy Phillips have done credit to this well-known comedy by Michael Frayn.

The plot covers the dress rehearsal ofa repertory company and the highs and lows of their low-key national tour. Anyone who has ever tod the boards will relate with the warmth and sometimes a little personal discomfort to the true to life incidents that run both front and back stage.

This clever play, which builds up to an absolute frenzy by Act Three, was performed on a cleverly designed set. Act Two takes place behind stage and the reverse of the set. Well done to all crew involved in designing and building.

The company themselves also deserve praise for a great team effort. Lloyd Dallas was the producer, played by Lawrence Holmes with the correct amount of frustration and sarcasm. His demanding life was made more complex by running dual affairs with cast members Poppy (Gill Pritchard) and Brooke (Cathy Rackstraw).

The plot evolves and unravels in the home of Belinda nd Frederick. Kathy Phillips and Brian Binns were strong in these supporting roles, Chris Marlow played Garry Lejeune the estate agent always willing to take an advantage. he gave gravitas to this role. The bumbling burglar Selsdon was a matching part for the fine humoured delivery from Roy Emmett. Sometimes we even had a pair of thieves as Tim (Any Holt) stepped in as understudy.

And finally, Janet Holmes as Mrs Clackett, the housekeeper. In and out of role as both Clackett and Dotty she was wonderful - an absolute joy.

NFM - Loughborough Echo 6th October 2006