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Caught In The Net

Stanford Hall Theatre - Wednesday 6th to Saturday 9th October 2004

Written By Ray Cooney

Directed By Chris Marlow & Sue Vickers



ImageOur trip to Stanford Hall to see the Falcon Players' production 'Caught In The Net' was one that we will not forget in a hurry. It was reminiscent of the good old days with Brian Rix performing farce on the TV. With aching stomach muscles and sore throats, my husband and I left with the tell tale signs of tears of mirth still running down our cheeks.

ImageWhat a night the Falcon Players gave us. The opening scene onstage depicted two sets in one and the whole cast performing their parts to the letter. Within ten minutes, the whole audience were laughing at the antics and lines performed by the cast. I must admit that I even drowned out my husbands laughs.

ImageThe characters Mary Smith (Cathy Rackstraw) and Barbara Smith (Kathy Phillips) could have stood on the stage and not uttered a word and you still would have been compelled to laugh out loud. Both the actor's facial expressions were brilliant. Stuart Bailey as the hapless Stanley Gardner, might have been confused with the comings and goings of both children and John Smith's (Andy Holt) wives causing him a headache. But he was word perfectand it made me wonder if he has ever found himself in this position - he played the part to perfection. Tom Vickery, as Gavin Smith had to hold back mirth, when he was accosted by Stanley, which itself was a tribute to the  man's performance.

ImageOur congratulations go to the whole cast, and I feel sorry for the 30 or so people who could have taken up the seats that were vacant. They really did miss a brilliant performance.

Geraldine Walker, Loughborough Echo, 15th October 2004