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Perfect Wedding

Stanford Hall Theatre - Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th February 2004

Written By Robin Hawdon

Directed By Sylvia Fall and Bill Pritchard


ImageYour wedding day is meant to be the most memorable day of your life but for Bill and Rachel their wedding day was unforgettable for all the wrong reasons as the Falcon Players presented Robin Hawdon's farce " perfect Wedding" at Stanford Hall last week.

A 'perfect wedding' may have been billed but a perfect wedding it certainly wasn't. In fact it was the most imperfect wedding I've ever seen which all helped to add to the atmosphere in this fast paced comedy. 

Bill (Andy Holt) wakes us on the morning of his wedding to find himself in bed with Judy (Tina Addington) who, unbeknown to him, is the new girlfriend of his best man Tom (Julian Cound). Not knowing who the mystery girl woman was, Toms helps Bill concoct a story to cover Bill's misdemeanors from Rachel (Roxie Cross) and her mother (Janet Holmes). Unfortunately, Tom thinks the chambermaid (Jenny Hargreaves) is the girl Bill woke up with, and so drags her into the world of crossed wires and mistaken identities. Oh what a tangled web we weave..............

ImageThings take a turn for the worse when Rachel begins to get suspicious and Toms gets a shock when he finds out who the mystery woman actually was. It was the perfect recipe for hilarious chaos.

ImageJulian Cound was excellent as Tom, strong throughout and was probably the most believable person on stage, while Janet Holmes took to her part so well you'd think she'd been through it it real life. Jenny Hargreaves made a great debut for the group with sharp comic timing while Tina Addington did a solid job. Andy Holt did the best he could with Bill's character, it's not his fault the author made Bill a whining and annoying coward, but Roxie Cross never convinced me as the deceived Rachel, she was far too meek and apologetic and seemed ill at east with her role.

Overall the play was very enjoyable and the audience clearly loved it with plenty of laughter throughout, even if it could put you off marriage for life.


Kate Bradshaw, Loughborough Echo (13/2/04)